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Hello, I am Cristiano and I want to share with you what I learnt to bridge the digital world to business. In this way, you can grow and innovate.

I was walking near my house, on a pleasant afternoon. I have time, I enjoy the mild climate, and I look around. I approach the DIY store where I usually go. A sign outside reads: ‘Total Sale Due to Closure’. I keep going on this street full of shops. The same scenario is repeated for 2 other shops. I don’t usually go there, but I can feel the pain of those forced to close. Of those who have to change their lives and reinvent themselves to move forward.

One evening, I am having fun with friends fantasising about how to start a new online business. We sit, mostly dreaming about what we would do if we earned more. Someone thinks of consumer goods, a new car, a home that is big enough for everyone. Someone else thinks about travelling, having experiences in places never seen before. Two other friends would like their son to play more sports, so that he can stay away from video games and can have more contact with his peers and grow up strong and healthy. Another friend was left without a job. He has been unemployed for some time now. He struggles to get back into the world of work. Counterbalanced by another friend, she has just graduated and sees what the world of work is like, made up of long hours, results that are not always satisfying and wages that are not in line with the studies done. Another friend would like to help others and be able to have a positive impact on people.

There is too much frustration and dissatisfaction with work. And all this has been going on for a long time. No improvements can be seen either. I think of all these dreams and of everyone who wants to make them come true, who wants to find their own freedom.

I like studying and applying ideas to projects. I studied computer engineering and then Master in Business Administration in the United Kingdom. I have been lucky enough to apply these concepts in large companies, in start-ups, and with individuals who wanted to grow their profession or open a new business.

The digital world is the mean to give us the freedom we seek. Digital helps us grow our ideas by bringing the earnings needed to develop our business.

I use this space to share with you the best ideas, big concepts and less visible secrets for turning ideas into business and business into a growing business. To give you all the freedom you seek.

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