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In the digital age, we have changed the way we read and buy books. If you want to earn money by reading books, some sites do just that. I wanted to explore a bit and chose one in particular, OnlineBookClub. The spirit of the site is interesting because it accepts both famous and non-famous authors, and asks readers for help in giving feedback on the books. This way, authors can understand what readers think of their books and improve. For their part, readers can read interesting books, often for free or with minimal expense, and then earn money after writing a review. In fact, readers can earn from 5 to 60 euros by commenting on books with a professional style.

I find the concept interesting, I like reading books, and sometimes I like to explore new genres and that’s why I wanted to test the site firsthand. You can see the books I have reviewed on this site page.


  • You can read any kind of book
  • You can earn more by writing reviews and participating in the community
  • You help authors write better

Overview of OnlineBookClub

OnlineBookClub is a site that connects readers with a wide range of books.

It functions as a community-run website, where members can engage in discussions, share reviews, and discover new literary treasures. A special role continues to be reserved by its founder, Scott, who can be contacted on the site by his full name, Eckhart Aurelius Hughes. He is still very active, reviews books, starts discussions and is also the author of a book.

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Advantages of OnlineBookClub

Diverse selection of books: With an extensive library spanning multiple genres, OnlineBookClub ensures there is something to suit every reader’s tastes. You can choose between science fiction, fantasy, romance or historical novels, children and teenagers, historical, poetry, comics and self-help. To get an idea of the books and genres, you can look at the latest reviews.

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Engaging community: Interact with other book lovers, exchange recommendations, and engage in lively discussions to enhance your reading experience. The community exchanges ideas and opinions in the forum.

Author Support: Aspiring writers can benefit from the platform’s book review services, gaining valuable feedback and visibility for their work. The authors are also interviewed, and so readers can learn more about the people, as well as the author. For example, this is the interview with David Rothman, author of Drone Child.

Earning opportunities to earn money by reading books

Book Review Program: OnlineBookClub offers members a unique opportunity to earn money by writing reviews. The site provides a way to access books in digital format and members receive compensation for providing their review.

Write your own book: if you have written a book, you can share it with OnlineBookClub. Readers will give you their opinion to improve you. You can also ask for additional reviews on other sites, such as Amazon and GoodReads. This way you can increase the number of reviews of your book.

How to maximize your earnings

Quality reviews: To stand out, focus on detailed, honest, well-written reviews that provide value to both authors and readers.

Active Participation: Actively participate in the community, contribute meaningful content and increase your visibility and earning potential.

Level up: OnlineBookClub is organized in levels. The better your reviews, the more active you are in the community and on social media, the more you level up. This allows you to access a larger selection of books and receive higher compensation.

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Conclusion: earn money by reading books

OnlineBookClub offers numerous opportunities for avid readers to immerse themselves in engaging literature and at the same time earn money by reading books. Whether you’re passionate about discovering new books, supporting emerging authors, or looking for ways to monetize your love of reading, this platform has something to offer everyone.

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