Freelance writing: Combining active and passive income


Do you want to increase your earnings? Do you have your own profession and want to share what you do? Perhaps, do you have your own company that produces products or services and do you want to sell them online? Then you can earn money as freelance writer. The world of work is changing, it is increasingly common to be forced to change companies because after a few years things are no longer going well. Or the cost of living increases so much that we have to find another job that allows us to buy something nice. Other times we have a product, an idea or something we want to sell and we need to make it known.

Writing can give you the breakthrough you are looking for in all these cases. The great thing is that if you write you can combine active and passive earnings to have both immediate and recurring revenues.


  • Write to earn money both actively and passively
  • Write for companies, for your site or to sell your products
  • The best places to make money writing

Benefits of writing online

The benefits of freelance writing are multifold:

1 You can earn good money, from 50 to 500 Euros per article

2 Work wherever you want, from home or abroad

3 Decide when to work

4 You decide how much to work, how much to earn and how much free time you want to have

5 You are your own boss

6 You advertise your products and services

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Freelance writers earn actively and passively

The direct way to earn money by writing is to be a freelance writer. Write for magazines, blogs, CVs, manuals, social media, books, etc. You put in contact with those who need your articles, decide on a fee and write. Often these companies have a recurring need for writers and therefore you can get jobs on a continuous basis. This is the active way: you write, give your work to someone and get paid.

The indirect way to earn money by writing is to do it and publish it yourself. You can share what you write on your blog or create sales pages for your products and let the internet do the rest. In fact, the more people see your articles, the more you can monetize, both with advertising on your site, with affiliate products that you advertise, and with your own products. And because you control your articles and they stay on your site forever, your readers will reach your site even many days after you publish your article.

If you want to create your own site and publish your articles, you can see my guide on how to create a website.

What can you write

Start with what you like and are passionate about. What can you share that others want to read? You can write specialized, technical articles. Otherwise, you can write product sales pages. You can write ebooks, emails and newsletters. Put your passion and experience into it and you will write quality articles.

Working as a freelance writer

You can become a freelance writer by going to sites that require your writing services.

Fiverr is a good way to see what companies are looking for and start writing.

Upwork is another site that offers many jobs for those who want to write.

You can contact the companies directly and offer them your items.

ProBlogger has many jobs whether you write or correct other people’s articles.

FreelanceWriting is another specialized site where you can create your profile and make companies look for you.

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You can start writing without specific experience

There are college courses to prepare you to become a journalist and writer. The majority of articles you read on the internet are written by people who do not have a university qualification. Some have taken specific online courses to learn, and those who have started and constantly improved. Many start writing because they have a passion, they want to share their ideas and products with others. The important thing is to start and then improve.


If you want to increase your revenue, writing is a solution you can start right away. You can write for companies, for your site or to sell your products. In these cases you can take advantage of both active and passive earnings. In any case, start, be consistent and determined, and you will get the results you want.

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