How to create your website


Your website is the best way to make your business and ideas visible to everyone. A website gives you credibility and professionalism. In this guide, we will see how to create your website from scratch economically and with a professional result.


  • Registration of the website and internet domain in an economical way
  • Site creation with its professional style and web pages
  • Site customization

Steps to create your website from scratch

In this guide, we will see the steps and images to create your website from scratch. We will consider the best options to spend the minimum necessary and have a professional site. This is what is needed in the vast majority of cases. We will use WordPress to generate the site and SiteGround to host the site itself.

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WordPress is the choice of most sites on the web, including Sony, Time Magazine, CNN, Disney Books, The Rolling Stones, Spotify Newsroom, Katy Perry and Jay-Z. SiteGround is the recommended choice for those who want to have high performance of their site and make it easier to manage it.

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We will divide the process of creating a site into 3 parts:

a. SiteGround registration

b. The creation of the site

c. Site customization

Let’s begin to see together the first step to creating your site: registering with SiteGround.


Register your site on SiteGround

The first step is to log in to SiteGround and register.

1. Click on the link: SiteGround

You will find yourself on the SiteGround website with a page similar to this.

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2. Click on the “Start Now” button to begin the process.

Choose your plan.

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The image above is what you can expect when choosing your WordPress hosting plan. If you’re starting now or have your own business without a website then the StartUp plan is great. In most cases the StartUp plan is ideal. You will always have time to change plans later.

3. Click on buy in the StartUp column.

Once we have chosen the plan, let’s create the domain, that is, the name of your site.


Create the website domain

It’s time to choose a name for your site. If you have a company, the domain can be your company name by adding the .com extension at the end. If you work alone or want to try your own business, you can use your first and last name or a name related to what you want to do, for example, or

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4. Enter the name of your site and click “Proceed”.

Once you have chosen the name of the site, move on to completing the registration.

Complete registration

The last step is to complete the SiteGround registration by entering your details.

5. Enter your data and click on the button under the data

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Congratulations, well done! You’ve just registered your site and created the place to host it! In the next steps we will create the site pages.

Creation of the site

With the account information you entered during registration, you can log in to your SiteGround account to create site pages.

1. Click on

2. Click Site Tools

3. Click WordPress

4. Click Install and Manage

5. Click Select under the WordPress logo

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With these steps we have installed WordPress, the program that allows you to create site pages. The next step is to choose a template for your site.

Choose the template for your site

Choosing a template allows you to have a structure of your site with designs and pages already created.

1. Access the WordPress Dashboard

2. Click Appearance

3. Click Themes

WordPress Dashboard DigitIdeas

4. Click Add new

5. Choose the theme you like best

6. Click Install

WordPress Appeareance DigitIdeas

7. Click Activate

Customize your website

Well done – you just created your website! Now you can customize it however you like to give it your own style. You can customize both the theme you choose and the pages.

1. Click Appeareance

2. Click Customise

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So you can customize the theme, graphics, text and the way your site appears.

If you want to edit the contents, then you can access the “Pages” section.

How to create a cheap and professional website

SiteGround is the site that allows you to host your website affordably. There are other hosts that allow you to save. I chose SiteGround because it is also the best in terms of performance, updates and security. This way you can be sure to give the best digital experience to your site visitors. This also influences search engines which will give you greater visibility and better rankings.

The .com extension for the domain is still the most used, especially for commercial activities. If it is difficult to find your site with this extension, you can choose your country domain, such as, de, nl, au, se, in, ca etc..


Congratulations! You have created your site and started your digitalization process. Just with your website alone, you appear professional and credible. You can share your ideas and personality and attract clients and people interested in what you do and think. All in a simple, economical and professional way.

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